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Auction Alert 2.1

Auction Alert is a free eBay alert software that searches for bargains on eBay
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Auction Alert

Auction Alert is a free eBay alert software. This is useful especially for those who spend a lot of time searching for items on eBay and who are interested in getting the best bargain.
Auction Alert brings eBay to your desktop. Use it to search for items, save your favorite searches for Buy-It-Now auctions, regular auctions and eBay stores.

Auction Alert can automate your searches so you can spend your time doing something else. You choose how often you want Auction Alert to search for something, and it will run quietly in the background until it finds something you might be interested in.

- Search for bargains on eBay USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Spain
- Find newly listed Buy-It-Now auctions before someone else grabs the bargain
- Narrow down your search to get better results. Search for auctions ending soon or auctions ending at a quiet time.
- Save your common searches. Auction Alert can remember up to 20 of your favorite searches, so you don't need to enter everything in each time.
- Automate your common searches. Just choose your search and tell Auction Alert how often you want it to look. The software will run in the background while you do other things, popping up to notify you when it finds something that matches your search.

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